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Attend key meetings

Having experience at the table when meeting with key clients like managed care companies, hospitals, large physician groups, and accountable care organizations is essential to positioning your company to successfully achieve your objectives. 

I will attend these key meetings to provide not only insight, but also lend my expertise in the laboratory industry and years of experience to position your company in the best light with your clients.

Attend Management Team Calls

Trial and error is time consuming and costly. Getting it right the first time can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful business. 

I will attend management team calls to advise, guide, and support your company as you make internal decisions that affect your overall success.

Ad Hoc Calls and text availability 

When challenges arise, having experience-driven input is crucial. 

I will be available to answer those calls or texts based on each individual customer’s needs.

Current Company Position assessment

Gain a holistic and unbiased view of your company with a meticulously personalized assessment.


I will evaluate your company's current position in the marketplace compared to current market realities. You will receive a comprehensive look at what is working well, areas to improve, and potential shifts required to further develop operationally, financially, and to position your business for success in achieving both short and long-term objectives.

Exit Optimization Plan Development

If you're looking to sell your company in the foreseeable future you will benefit from having this exit-optimization plan.


After assessing your company from an unbiased view, I will create a  detailed plan of action to position your company for maximum value. This will include a risk evaluation along with potential value add opportunities while positioning your lab business to attract the right buyer. 

Business Valuation

When it comes to the value of your lab, many variables intertwine with each other. Each variable has a value at different levels depending on the buyer, timing, current market conditions, and the potential buyer's strategy.


I will determine your lab's value through an intricate process combined with my knowledge of the laboratory industry and of potential buyers.

Market Strategy Development

Should you expand into new geographies or add new testing services?

These are considerations that every lab encounters. I will utilize my experience and knowledge combined with data to assist you with implementing an action plan focused on the markets and services you are considering entering, exiting, implementing or discontinuing.

Three-year Growth Plan Development

Feel like you're running in circles with no focus and making minimal progress? Do you know who you are, what business you are in and what you are about?  Do you want to have a focused and effective business and move forward with confidence that you're achieving your company's mission and objectives?


I will help you create a three-year plan driven by clear areas of focus and priorities, a vision, mission, and goals. The plan will consider your current market position, where you want to go, what you want to achieve and how you can get there in a concise and clear plan.

attend key meetings
attend management team calls
ad hoc calls
current compny position


exit optimization plan
business valuation
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3 year growt plan
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